Enterprise Corn

Enterprise launch Fruit Zing Pop-Up Corn.

We all know what an excellent product the Fruit Zing range is and the amount of carp caught across Europe on this bait is now legednary.

Working with Frank Warwick and Enterprise we have launched Fruit Zing to include:

4 x White
4 x Washed Out Pink

Enterprise launch Classic Corn Pop-Up Corn.

The Classic corn range is fast gainging a reputation as a massive attractor bait. Already becoming a firm favourite for a lot of anglers now you can get hold of the Enterprise Classic Corn Pop-Up.

8 x Yellow

Enterprise Tackle have produced their Pop-Up Corn with our signature Catalyst flavourings and attractors. This corn in our tests has been phenomenal - accounting for some great fish, tipping off a catalyst boilie or fishing over particle. The flavouring for The Catalyst is complex and made up of a number of attractors and ingredients so you can be sure by using Enterprise Corn you are getting the real deal.

Included is the following: 

2 x Yellow
2 x Washed Out Yellow
2 x Washed Out Pink
2 x White 

£4.25 GBP