Bait Recipes

Spotted Fin Spod Mix

A very popular method of bringing fish into your swim is with a spod mix, these are very easy to make but MUST be prepared properly or it could be harmful to or even kill the fish if not done right.

So what is a spod mix? Well basically it is lots of different particles all mixed together sometimes with other liquid additives and/or powdered ingredients to add extra attraction and feed inducing stimulants.

A good mix that we like to use is...

25% Hemp Seed
20% Cracked Maize
15% Tares
15% Groats
10% Buckwheat
10% Maple Peas
5% Peanut Granules

To prepare your spod mix. Place all of the above into a container (that has a sealable lid) large enough to hold the amount of particles you want to make, fill the container with cold water so that it is around an inch above the particles and put the lid on.

Leave to soak for 12 hours (or overnight) if possible check every couple of hours as the particles can take on a lot of liquid as they expand and you may need to top up the water before the 12 hours is up.

Once your particles have soaked for 12 hours, you need to boil them for 20 minutes, if you have had to remove them from the container to boil simply tip them back into the container once they are prepared.

There are now a few options you have regarding your spod mix. You could simply leave the mix to cool down and it is ready to use, you could add some salt to the mix making it pva friendly (depending on how much salt you add, around 10% of the weight of your particles usually makes them pva friendly), you could add bait preserve to the mix making it shelf life (roughly 20ml per litre of water you added will make the mix shelf life), you could add various liquid feeds/additives to the mix to help enhance your spod mix (molasses for example will add a sweet flavour to your mix and also kick start the mix into fermenting if you haven't used bait preserve) and finally if you feel the mix is too funny you can add a powder to help stodgy the mix up a bit (a great one to add to bring lots of different attraction is the Catalyst base mix, you could also try adding a milk protein powder such as lamlac or whey protein concentrate to not only add a protein attraction but also to help create an attraction cloud within your swim).

That's it your spod mix is ready to use and bring the fish into your swim.

Alternative Base Mix Blog
Okay so you don't want to get into the whole scientific design of bait making but you do want a bait that is going to be healthier for the fish than a standard 50/50 semolina and soya flour base mix.  So what can you do?
How does a nice simple base mix that is highly digestible, high in protein, full of essential amino acids and easy to roll sound?
You will need...
Pea Protein Isolate -
Pea protein isolate is is a natural vegetable protein and contains 83% protein, it is also highly digestible and has a comprehensive nutritional and amino acid profile.  It also helps to bind your ingredients together.
Feather Meal -
The feather meal contains 80% natural protein as well as containing high levels of essential amino acids, due to being hydrolysed it is also a highly digestible source of protein.
Egg Albumin -
Finally you will need egg albumin which not only has an 80% protein level but it also helps to harden your bait, acts as a great binder and also helps the bait to roll easier.
So what levels do you need to mix each ingredient to make your alternative 50/50 base mix? 
50% Pea Protein Isolate
40% Feather Meal
10% Egg Albumin
The above basic mix will float so if you want to create a bottom bait you will need to replace 10% of the pea protein isolate with either 10% fine oyster shell or limestone flour.

Be careful with the pea protein though as it does tend to suck up more liquid than some of the other ingredients so you may need more liquid egg than with your normal base mix.
As you can see the baits that I've made for this example haven't been made in any fancy machines and I haven't even used a rolling table to make them round,  you can literally have a go at making your own baits with a mixing bowl, a plastic fork, a large saucepan, a knife and something to air dry your baits on (I use a mushroom tray I got free from a greengrocers and then transfer to an air drying bag after a couple of hours).  Simply boil the cut down sausages for 60-90 seconds and once you've allowed them to air dry for 24 hours you can either freeze them or use them, cut or break off a piece the size you want to use as and when you need them.  The great thing about breaking pieces off is that they aren't a uniform size that the fish can get used to.
Good luck and have fun making your own baits.

A great way to bring the fish closer to your bait is with a small parcel of attraction known as a 'stick mix'.  The idea being that you create a small mound of feed inducing attractors using small particles and liquids that will bring the fish to your hook bait and hopefully result in the fish taking your hook bait.
The following stick mix is one that has been used with great success and is suitable for using with various different hook baits.
40% White Breadcrumb
30% Crushed Hemp
10% Peanut Meal
10% Tiger Nut Flour
10% Lamlac
The liquids you use obviously need to be pva friendly and with the above dry ingredients we have used our tiger nut extract and hemp oil.  For the liquids it is personal preference as to how much you use and how dry or wet you want your stick mix however, we recommend using two parts tiger nut extract to one part hemp oil.

People are always looking for a way to give their hook baits that extra attraction or 'edge' that will pull the fish in and make them notice and take the hook bait instead of the freebie offerings.
One way of doing this is by coating your hook bait, I've used boilies in this example but it is possible to do it with other baits such as pellets, corn, luncheon meat and more.
You will need the following to coat your boilies...
1. Your chosen boilies
2. Cocktail sticks
3. Dipping liquid
4. Hook Bait Coating Powder
First I will explain the dipping liquid and the coating powder.  The liquid needs to be able to stick to the hook bait, you can use any liquid or combination of liquids as long as it is safe for the fish however, for this example I'm simply using some hemp oil.
Now on to the coating powder this can again be almost anything from groundbaits and method mixes to breadcrumb or as I do make your own concoction of attractants.  A combination I'm doing well with at the moment is...
1tbsp corn steep liquor powder
1tbsp concentrated yeast
1tbsp crushed hemp
1tbsp lamlac
1tbsp pea protein isolate
Place all of the ingredients into a pot large enough to hold the powders make sure it has a sealable lid and a bit of space after you have put the powders in.
Place the lid on and give it a good shake to mix all of the powders together.
Okay so now we move on to the boilies.  Carefully put a cocktail stick into each boilie you want to coat.
Now dip one of the boilies into the dipping liquid making sure it all gets covered.
Transfer it into the coating powder and gently shake the pot making sure the boilie gets covered.
Place the covered boilie onto a tray or plate and repeat the process with however many hook baits you are making.
Give them ten minutes to dry a little and then you can dip and coat again, repeat as many times as you want to building up a nice outer layer.  
In the photo above I have dipped and coated four times.
Carefully remove the cocktail stick and give them about an hour to dry out a bit before using.

Although we enjoy coming up with new recipes and testing them out we thought it would be a good idea to go back to basics and post a simpler tried and tested recipe.
Now this recipe isn't going to be particularly technical, have a vast impressive ingredient list or even have a particularly great profile for protein, etc however, they work they catch fish and they are ideal for making as either feed boilies or for the beginner to get some practice in.
Anthony actually makes some of these up with his youngest son Dominic every now and then to keep another aspect of fishing within his sons knowledge.
The boilies are a simple mix and use an instant dessert mix (mousse) as the flavouring, the recipe is as follows...

250g Haith's CLO
150g Soya Flour
50g Lamlac
1 Packet of Instant Dessert Mix
3 Large Eggs or 150ml Whole Egg Powder Mix

1. Place the CLO, soya flour and lamlac into a large air tight bag or bucket, sea l and then shake until well mixed together.
2. Break the 3 large eggs into a mixing dish and gently whisk them with a fork until they are well mixed.
3. Stir in the packet of instant dessert mix.
4. Add your base mix a little at a time and stir in using a fork, keep adding and mixing in the base mix until you can't use the fork any more. Keep adding the base mix but now mix it with your hands until you get a slightly damp playdough type texture that doesn't stick to your hands.
5. To make boilies, roll the paste out into a long sausage and then cut into small lengths. Roll these lengths into balls of your desired size. (or use a sausage gun and rolling table)
6. Place around 30-40 balls in boiling water and boil for between 60 and 90 seconds.
7. Remove the boilies and then leave them to air dry for 24 hours preferably in something like a plastic mushroom tray or air dry bag. Then freeze them until ready to use.


We thought it would be a good idea to give you a generic base mix that has been used very effectively as it is but that is also easy to customise into a base mix that suits your fishing.

250g Haith's CLO 
250g Pea Protein Meal/Isolate 
100g Full Fat Soya Flour 
100g Lamlac
100g Haith's Robin Red
50g Brocacel Yeast Culture 
50g Egg Albumin 
25g Feather Meal
25g Corn Steep Liquor Powder 
25g Lactalbumin 
25g Acid Casein

Now you may have noticed that we have recommended using two ingredients from Haith's Baits this is because we use Haith's in our own ready made baits (we are even an approved Haith's user), we don't believe in reinventing the wheel when Haith's have 50+ years of experience behind them.

You can guarantee that you will be getting a good base mix with the combination of our quality ingredients and Haith's ingredients.