Cloud Burst Particle and Pellet Syrup 1 Litre

Cloud Burst new for 2017..

This sweet syrup made using Corn syrup and a blend of the Tiger Nut Extracts, Oils, Sweeteners and other Carp Attractors is a cost effective method for prebaiting or coating your boilies, for a long lasting and slow dissolving attractor package.. or mix through your particles or pellets to beneift from attractor signals fish seem to love. 

But we didn't just make a sweet syrup and mix our liquids in. We developed this to hug the bottom releasing TIger Nut and other particles into the water column slowly and methodically. 

The perfect partner to your boilies, pellets and particles. Works very well with the Catalyst Boilies also.

1 Litre

Particle Syrup:
£9.99 GBP