About Us

We are incredibly passionate about Spotted Fin and we really hope that once you have had the opportunity to experience the brand, you’ll love us too.
Spotted Fin is the realisation of an idea that began some years ago. It stems from a desire to create a destination brand for Carp, Match & Coarse fishing in the first instance.

As long-time anglers, we felt that the marketplace had become stagnant and monopolised, even. We wanted to do something about it.

We wanted to offer anglers something a bit different. Something that fitted with our mantra of ‘choice and quality without compromise.
We supply the best quality ingredients and new bait ranges to provide a fresh alternative for anglers with flavours and ingredients that fish simply cannot ignore.

It has taken 18 months alone to source the very best suppliers for our ingredients to ensure that the products we offer are premium-grade.

We hold over 100 tonnes of fresh bait ingredients, bait, and packaged items in our warehouse. This is also where we research and develop new ranges and flavour combinations and we have a state of the art bait making facility and research lab. Not only to ensure we can carry out our work in the right environment but so that we also provide the full protection our staff need from airborne particle extraction systems to modern new safety equipment.

We use brand new inspected and certified scales for weighing everything from a 500g bag of ingredient to 25kg bags. This way we can be sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Our team consists of experts in bait making, logistics and supply, business and project management, angling, marketing and finance.  Making quality baits is one thing. Ensuring we get it to you using the correct process and at the right cost is another.