Boosted Pellet Range

****The New Boosted Pellet Range****

Boosted Coarse 

A new sticky pellets, the 2mm are perfect for using on the method  or in PVA bags. Bigger pellets that sink slow and have an attractive aroma boosted with carp stimulants.

Boosted Carp

With a strong nutty flavour these pellets are perfect for spod mixes or PVA bags. 3mm can be used on the method and the pellets are not just coated ina an attractive flavour but are coated with boosted carp stimulants.

Boosted Krill

A beautiful deep red coloured pellets. the 2mm great for the method and coated in Krill flavouring and boosted with carp attractors. Perfect for PVA bags or spod mixes.
£5.49 GBP