Robin Red ®

ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST! Insist on the genuine, authentic and successful Robin Red®. It's a legend. 

Robin Red® is a superb attractor, and is also a nutritional food ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp since the 1950s. 

The smell and taste of Robin Red® is totally unique and it has an incredible pulling power. The fresh and peppery smell is one of the best ways to quickly identify the original from a fake. The other way to tell the difference is results! 
Robin Red® has a proven record for performance – it’s as attractive to fish today as the first day it was used in the 50s. And the rumours about the recipes are as rife today as they were in the 1970s and 80s.

Spotted Fin Ltd are approved stockists of Robin Red® - click here to check out our credentials. This product is pure and uncut, packaged as per Haiths recommendations. To prove this Haiths are doing random testing on Robin Red packaged products so you can be sure approved baits firms are selling the product in its pure form. 

Robin Red® is a registered trademark of John E Haith Ltd (Haith’s). 

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Nutritional Information

Protein: 12.0
Fibre: 16.80
Ash: 5.40
Moisture: 6.70
Oil/Fat: 19.75
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