Haith's® CLO (Cod Liver Oil)

Combining real Cod Liver Oil with birdseed and those extra special spice extracts, Haith's® CLO is the benchmark product on the market to use as your boilie mix binder.

Haith's® CLO:

  • Introduces omega-3 fatty acids. 
  • Increases nutrition and attraction qualities. 
  • Improves binding qualities. 
  • Adds texture and crunch to a base mix.
  • Introduces proteins. 
  • Oil-rich seeds add crunch and boost attraction. 
  • Egg content improves binding.
  • Adds great digestibility to to a high protein boilie.
We are proud to bring you this product in conjunction with Haith's® and which we can now offer to all our customers. So many companies have tried to copy this product with little success and we didn't want to reinvent the wheel and bring out yet another poor imitation. 

We are amongst the first approved bait firms in Europe to sell Haith's® CLO. We go through a strict process to be able to do this and means we can display the Haith's® CLO trademark issued to us by the company on our website. Therefore you can be sure of this being the geniune, undiluted and uncut product.

Click here to go through to the Haith's® site to check our credentials.

Feel comfortable that with Spotted Fin you are buying a geniune Haith's® product.
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