Carp Fishing

October Update by Richard Handel

It's not been a bad month for fishing.  It started off very cold and we certainly had our fair share of Autumn storms this month. This is always fun being out on the bank!

With the family away for half term, I had a week of fishing.  This turned out to be the week that my lake did its normal autumn slow down!  It then picks itself up again after the fish have adjusted themselves - funny lake but it's been doing it for years.  All I could muster was this nice common.

I love the effects and colours you get.  It's such a beautiful time of the year to be on the bank.

As the clocks have changed, it signals the start of setting and packing up in the dark, also less anglers on the bank and a good chance of a lump or two.  Effort = reward!


Hints n tips boosting baits by Mike Madeley
The colder months see the Carp moving less frequently but they still have to eat, probably won’t be having a big munch so more often than not singles is a good way at getting that precious bite.
So to make that single bait that’s sitting there lonely and on its own in a great expanse of water to make it more attractive…boost it.
The Spotted Finn range of baits all have a same flavour booster spray so from Corn to Miracle Berry whether your using pop ups or wafters give them a little spray in the pot just enough to glaze them over and not drown them…you can repeat this as the flavour soaks in giving them a real punch in the water, that will send the food signal out and entice the carp to search it out.
Give it a try this winter.
Good luck 
September update part 2 by Richard Handel

This month has been a pretty good month for me - in the shape of two 30+ Carp.  First was this lovely common. 

On my first visit back onto this water (in preparation for the Winter), my other water is unfortunately closed though the Winter.  I finally got a stunning photography of a Kingfisher, after so many not so good efforts over the years. 

My other 30+ Carp was taken on my first try with the new Smokey Jack boilies - due out next year and what a start that turned out to be. 

A stunning 38lb 2oz mirror, named Basil and one of the most sort after fish on complex! 

With the night’s drawing in fast and that lovely Autumn light you get, I have managed a few nice sunset shots.

I just love the mirror effect you get on these very calm evenings and I can't wait for the quiet Winter nights over the coming months. 

I have been using the Smokey Jack boilies over the last week and they have produced 5 fish so far for me and that's pretty good going.

This lovely common is a fine example of what the Smokey Jack can produce.

Until next time 


September update by Richard Handel

Bait soaks or dips are a key feature in Carp fishing.  It is one of the best ways to make your hook bait stand out from your freebies, it also helps your hook bait to stand out from another baits on the lake.

My preference for hook baits that I am going soak, is always shelf life bait as I don't have to worry about keeping them in the fridge or freeze all the time.  I can even take than out of my bait bucket and I soak them in bulk.  I will soak a kilo bag at a time over a period of months before I start to use them.

When I first got my hands on a bottle of Finamino, I was very impressed with the smell and taste.  I instantly grabbed a bag of shelf life Catalyst boilies, which don't really need a boost however, it’s nice to have your hook bait stand out from the rest your freebies ( as I have said before), I had already been doing for the past year with the Catalyst Food Dip.

It has certainly helped my catch rate, in the harder months.

I have found over the years, by testing different ways, that the best way to get your boilies really soaked, is to freeze them and then add the liquid when the boilies start to defrost.  I repeat this process five times.  This is the main reason I use shelf life boilies, as I know this will not affect the make up of the bait and degrade it in any way.

 These I keep in the fridge until the bag is half empty and then I start the process with another bag - same dip or another nice new one from the Spotted Fin Range.  Theirs have so many options that you can give you the edge over other anglers.

Hope this Helps


August update by Matt Horton
I have just returned from a 2 night trip to Frimley Pit 1. I arrived and had a good walk around the glorious old gravel pit. With the weather muggy and the pressure high so it wasn't long before spotting them around the pads with their backs out of the water.

I decided to setup a few swims and cast to the back of them and bait heavy. It took a while to find a couple of clearish spots as the lake is very shallow and weed covers the vast majority of the lake.

That afternoon I baited heavy with 3kg 18mm whole and chopped Catalyst I also stole a few kilo of my mates 15 & 12mm Catalyst so I could get the fish grubbing about in the weed. With the 2 rods in place I was set for the night. The night passed with not much action just a few liners until around 6am when the right-hand rod slowly started taking line as I was fishing a fairly tight clutch due to the weed.

I was on the rod and bent into what felt like a good fish it plodded around before I let it have a bit too much and it buried into the weed. A tense few minutes passed before I eased it out and got it on the move. The battle from then on was straight forward due to a big ball of weed over its head. As it hit the back of the net I could tell it was a good fish. I called my mate who came over and helped with the weighing and photographing it went 28lb on the nose so to say I was chuffed is an understatement.

The day passed without any action yet the fish were still cruising in and around the area.

I decided to put another few kilos out over the two rods hoping they'd feed during the night. The night passed and so did the early morning. 10 o'clock arrived and it was time to think about packing up, however the left-hand rod burst into life which was unexpected and I was into a lively fish, didn't feel as good as the last but put up a good scrap under the rod tip and I slipped the net under another Frimley common. This was a younger fish and at 18lbs had plenty of growing to come.

August update by Richard Handel

This month has certainly gone by very fast for me. I only had two weeks’ worth of fishing before my annual family holiday.  I am sitting writing this on a sunny beach in Wales, my two girls are trying to teach each other how to use a buggy board.

It is a stunning back drop with a pleasant view to sit and reflect on this month's fishing adventures.  This month there was no shortage of fish captures, it started well with a nice 20lbs Common.

After that, it was just a struggle to getting another over twenty pounds, considering I know I was in the right area.



I just couldn't get through the smaller fish and the biggest I managed was just over 16lbs.

What started this month to use was the Finamino as a hook bait soak. This certainly gave me an extra edge and helped to keep the fish coming this month. On my last trip of the month (before we headed away), I had a look around the other lake I can fish, this was done on my way down to my normal lake.  After seeing fish, I just had to give it a go.

I set up on one of the point swims, for a quick 12 hours and spombed out a load of Catalyst Boilies and a mix of pellets. I managed to bank 1 x 19lber & 2 fish over twenty. 

For the Full Report please check out my website.  I am now looking forward to the coming month, as there are a few new products I am having a play with, in preparation for the Winter.

Until Next Time