Carp Fishing

January update by Richard Handel

Life of a carp fisherman is never as perfect as one would hope!  And this has certainly been that way.  I have only managed 3 trips out due ill health; firstly, my youngest was on antibiotics for a week which involved no school and a daily trip to the hospital to give more.  Which is where I think I picked up another flu type bug, this did me in for a week.  I do try and put a bright twist on life, I did manage to write up 3 features for Spotted Fin!  These will end up in Carp Talk over the next few months, so not that bad.  My dad was down for the last week in January.  He has decided to move closer to us.  This is a weight off my mind, as it's an 8 hour round trip to check how he is doing.  Mind you this is a good excuse to have a weekend away on Wales but it’s getting costly!

My first and second trips out resulted in blanks and it wasn't long before I added another one to the list.

It clearly was not my month.  I even tried a local day ticket water for a few hours.  The only things active where the bream and the robins (who I do love).

It was a pleasant few hours until the cold north wind picked up.

This is a very nice lake.  I will defiantly come back to as spring starts to kick in.  Not long now folks!

Until next time


December update by Richard Handel

This month has been a very hard month all round with only 1 small Carp. 

I had a quick over-nighter which didn't quite pan out how I thought it would.  I got a phone call in the middle of the night, I had to pack up and rush off to Wales, as my mum had been rushed into hospital and was in intensive care.  Unfortunately, she passed away 10 days later.

Fishing goes on, it's a great release for me and I managed a small pike.

Below is a nice scenic shot of my friend on the river.

The carp where not playing ball leading up to Christmas (despite the mild spell), the lake would not switch on like it normally does.

Until next month, I wish you all a happy New year.


November update by Richard Handel

What can I say?  My pike trip has accounted for three pike so far but only one worth taking a photo of - well sort of.

The carp front however, has been rubbish.  Mostly down to man flu over the past 2 weeks and missing the best week by far for the weather in November. 

The temperatures overnight were high and there was a good S/W wind blowing.  My gear has been ready for the past two weeks and I have not been out once (much to the wife's dismay!).  Roll on December as I am feeling a lot better and need to get out there.

Until next month 


October Update by Richard Handel

It's not been a bad month for fishing.  It started off very cold and we certainly had our fair share of Autumn storms this month. This is always fun being out on the bank!

With the family away for half term, I had a week of fishing.  This turned out to be the week that my lake did its normal autumn slow down!  It then picks itself up again after the fish have adjusted themselves - funny lake but it's been doing it for years.  All I could muster was this nice common.

I love the effects and colours you get.  It's such a beautiful time of the year to be on the bank.

As the clocks have changed, it signals the start of setting and packing up in the dark, also less anglers on the bank and a good chance of a lump or two.  Effort = reward!


Hints n tips boosting baits by Mike Madeley
The colder months see the Carp moving less frequently but they still have to eat, probably won’t be having a big munch so more often than not singles is a good way at getting that precious bite.
So to make that single bait that’s sitting there lonely and on its own in a great expanse of water to make it more attractive…boost it.
The Spotted Finn range of baits all have a same flavour booster spray so from Corn to Miracle Berry whether your using pop ups or wafters give them a little spray in the pot just enough to glaze them over and not drown them…you can repeat this as the flavour soaks in giving them a real punch in the water, that will send the food signal out and entice the carp to search it out.
Give it a try this winter.
Good luck 
September update part 2 by Richard Handel

This month has been a pretty good month for me - in the shape of two 30+ Carp.  First was this lovely common. 

On my first visit back onto this water (in preparation for the Winter), my other water is unfortunately closed though the Winter.  I finally got a stunning photography of a Kingfisher, after so many not so good efforts over the years. 

My other 30+ Carp was taken on my first try with the new Smokey Jack boilies - due out next year and what a start that turned out to be. 

A stunning 38lb 2oz mirror, named Basil and one of the most sort after fish on complex! 

With the night’s drawing in fast and that lovely Autumn light you get, I have managed a few nice sunset shots.

I just love the mirror effect you get on these very calm evenings and I can't wait for the quiet Winter nights over the coming months. 

I have been using the Smokey Jack boilies over the last week and they have produced 5 fish so far for me and that's pretty good going.

This lovely common is a fine example of what the Smokey Jack can produce.

Until next time